Rich Sigfrit

I’m a Whovian, Star Wars fan, and is known to watch the occasional episode of the Handsome Brothers Ghostbusting Power Hour known as Supernatural. You’ve probably seen me at a con as the Master of Ceremonies or on a panel about podcasting (I starting podcasting in ’03, for Pete’s sake!). You may have seen my alter ego, Richie Muenster on a burlesque stage as an emcee for Creativity Out Of Context (an art collective which he co-founded with Sarah Jynnx). You can learn more about my art by visiting Professionally, I’m a Visual Arts Specialist for money, but see below to learn what I do for a living.

Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit

To say that I enjoy podcasting and new media would be a gross understatement. My credits include mentions in high school and collegiate papers, newspapers, Podcasting for Dummies, and Advanced Podcasting Tricks and according to Podcast Alley, I was on of the first 50 podcasters ever. I have been called an innovator, having created the first fandom podcast (Requiem of the Outcast – RotO), the first podcast for an Independent Wrestling Federation (Halo: Hardwired), distributed the first comic book made available via podcast feed (Podcast 9) and created one of the earliest Podcast Networks (Outcast Multimedia). I was the force behind the official Troma Podcast and a former host/editor of the 501stCast, the official podcast of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion. I produced the long running Amazing Pulp Adventures Radio Show starring Mister Adventure, serving as writer and primary voice actor for recorded and live stage versions. I served as the Technical Editor for the most recent (3rd) edition of Podcasting for Dummies. Currently, I am a co-host on the long running Geek Radio Daily podcast and an affiliated Twitch Streamer (RichieMuenster). In my spare time, I sleep.

Richie Muenster

Hailed as “Adorably Naughty,” Richie Muenster hails from the Lounge du Fromage and is the regular host for Creativity Out Of Context (an art collective which he co-founded with Sarah Jynnx), The Riot Kittens, and The Succubus Sororities’ Kink Carnival. He started his Burlesque career in Raleigh as master of the mic for Dr Sketchy Raleigh (2010). He has also helped create four widely popular burlesque shows, The VaudeVillain Revue (2011), NC Performer’s Society (2011), Nerd-Vana (2012) and Boomstick Burlesque (2017). He’s been emceeing live shows since 2007, but has been rocking the mic since 2003. He is the 3rd place champion of SparkCon’s Pun Tournament, likes long walks on the beach and his turn ons are metal bikinis, goth girls and Deadpool in Batman cosplay.