You can hear me every Tues-Friday on Geek Radio Daily!

Debuting on February 8th 2008, Geek Radio Daily has been a place for geeks and stealth geeks alike to hang out and talk about a variety of geeky topics. Check out the sometimes weekly podcast…..sWeekly, if you will.  The GRD sWeekly ‘cast is usually available on Mondays, and if you are new to the show, just jump right in!

We also provide your daily dose of Geek every weekday with news from the Geeky world and more! Mondays highlight the weekend box office results, Tuesdays cover newly released DVDs, Wednesday is New Comic Book Day, Thursdays showcases Video Games, and Fridays describe movies coming to the theater for the upcoming weekend.

What can you expect each sWeek?

  • Our Geeky sWeeks–what we’ve been doin’ geeky lately.
  • Upcoming GRD Events
  • E-mail [] and Voicemails [(510) GRD CREW] from listeners
  • Promos for other podcasts (community support)
  • Conventions Reports

And, sometimes we interview authors, celebrities of film, TV, and comics, and more!  So, check us out every sWeek and head on over to our Facebook page for a daily dose of geek!

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