If you enjoy my online shenanigans, you can support my stream!  You can sub for $4.99, or you can link your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts and support not only me, but any streamer for free? Amazon owns Twitch, and their Twitch Prime program entitles Amazon Prime members to free games, loot boxes, and support options for streamers.

You also get to opportunity to subscribe FREE to a streamer once a month. These “subs” directly support us with real-world dollars, and you get perks like our custom emotes, a Richie’s Muenskateers Membership Card AND Official Certificate, and some serious gratitude on my part.

These subs don’t auto-renew, so once a month you can log in and switch them around to a new streamer, or stick with the same one! It’s okay, we don’t mind if you move it around. I’m kidding about the strikethroughs. The important thing is to use it!

It only takes a few minutes to link the accounts. Here’s what you need to do: